Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting is an Art
.....with a Little Bit of Science Thrown In!

The Murray’s Family has spent well over 136 years fitting shoes to feet of all shapes and sizes.  We have fit nearly all types of foot problems, deformities and accommodate everything from foot orthotics and AFO’s to Prosthetic limbs.  We know that shoes are going to fit differently depending on the foot size, shape, thickness, arch shape, flexibility, use of shoes, and various other considerations.  We also know that shoes today vary in the last that is used to make the shoe.  It is also a fact that 95% or more of the shoes sold in America today are made outside of this great country, affecting the fit of shoes. 

This page is devoted to educating you on proper fit and to answer your most frequently asked question.


  • How Do I Know What Fits Best?
  • Why Am I In A Different Size?
  • Do Socks Change The Size I Wear?
  • Do European Shoes Run The Same As My American Size?
  • Is A Buckle Or Slip On Shoe As Supportive As A Tie?
  • Will Clogs Give You As Much Support As A Closed Shoe?
  • Do Shoes Cause Foot Problems?
  • Why Does This Shoe Feel Uncomfortable Now When It Didn't In the Last Pair?
  • Why Does My Heel Slip In The Shoe?
  • I Don't Like Buying Shoes You Have To Adjust.  Is This Wrong?
  • Dirrerent Ways In Lacing Shoes With Problems.