Here at Murray’s Shoes we have the perfect shoes for hurting feet. But we also have a perfect solution to how someone with really hurting feet can be helped by our on site Pedorthist- the non surgical way!

Addressing the issue of mobility takes a look into footwear and creating a stable environment for the lower extremities of the body. Our mission at Murray’s Shoes is to treat the cause in order to reduce pain, improve function, correct or accommodate deformity through conservative methods, meeting the SPECIFIC needs for each and every individual.

What exactly does a Pedorthist do you might ask? A pedorthist takes his experience and knowledge of the lower limb bio-mechanics and applies it to a doctor’s diagnosis or his/her own assessment of the patient’s symptoms. The goal is to balance both sides of the lower extremities: from foot and ankle through knees to hips. As the pedorthist assesses the biomechanics, he gives the physician or the patient many conservative, or non-surgical, treatment options. These can range from shoes professionally fitted, shoe modifications to assist in the control or realignment of the foot deformity, to over-the-counter or custom-made foot orthoses for improved support.

After studying and being mentored, we attend specific pedorthics courses which are prerequisites for the certification examination.

The cost is completely free to be evaluated. Depending on the extent of what work is done and if you need heel lifts, arch supports or shoes depends on what the price range. Relying on the pedorthist’s ability to provide, fit, and maintain the appropriate footwear and to fabricate and manage the proper foot orthosis design can make a profound difference in the quality of an individual’s daily life.

Stop in today and get yourself checked out and have your legs, feet and back feeling so much better!