I Don’t Like Buying Shoes You Have To Adjust. Is This Wrong?

No, you are not wrong. However, I wish it worked that way. As we discussed earlier in this page, we are attempting to fit a shoe of one size, shape, and sectional proportions to feet of many or varying sizes, shapes, and proportions. It is obviously impossible for the shoe to fit and feel the same under all these variables. Now, add to these challenges the additional variables of fit of the foot while in the shoe when at non-weightbearing, weightbearing, walking, under conditions of heat, humidity and moisture, and faulty biomechanics of the leg and foot, and you will see a perfect fit is next to impossible. Therefore, a professionally trained shoe fitter attempts to fit both feet proportionally. This quite often requires some adjustments to the shoes to accommodate the intricacies of each foot. Our goal in our store is to minimize the need for adjustments. However, when necessary, we are able to do what is needed to make the shoe fit as well as possible.