Why Does My Heel Slip In The Shoe?

There are many reasons why, but for purposes of time I will discuss the four main reasons:

SIZE OF SHOE – For the most part, your feet are designed to be nearly two widths narrower in the heel than in the forefoot. Should you have been fitted with the wrong size and the forefoot is too wide, that would account for the slippage in the heel.

SHOE CONSTRUCTION – Should the sole of the shoe be very stiff, as you go through the walk cycle of heel to toe, the heel of your foot may come up out of the shoe. Should the throat of the shoe be loose, allowing the foot to slide forwards, the heel becomes loose and slippage will occur. Also, if the last of the shoe is less than two widths narrower in the heel, a snug fit will not happen.

FITTED WITH FOOT ORTHOTICS – Most foot orthosis or AFO’s will generally lift the foot out of the heel enough so as not to grip the foot. A deeper heel counter will be required.

TIGHT CALVES – The foot as it goes through the walk cycle of heel to toe must be able to lift the forefoot up so that there is a 10% angle between the forefoot and the leg. Should the calf be extra tight, the forefoot will not be able to bend upwards, causing the heel to lift up off the ground too soon in the walk cycle. This will cause heel slippage in your shoe. Stretching the calf will bring the heel down and stop most of the slippage.