What is this whole craze about Birkenstocks? Everyone from all ages are wearing them… should I be? Is it something that I would even like? These are all great questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out when purchasing a Birkenstock.

With a cork footbed that molds to your feet, it is a great comfort for YOUR specific foot. The heel is cupped to keep you in position and stable when wearing a sandal. The arch is high enough that it can touch almost any arch on the foot, but when it molds to you it will cater to the specific arch  that you have. This cork footbed now comes in hard and soft, to help cater to everyones needs.

The Arizona is perfect for any outfit. The two straps can be leather or suede, and comes in many different colors. Wear them with or without socks, no one is g0ing to be judging. These shoes can be dressed up or dressed down, wearing them with jeans, colored jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses and so much more.

The Gizeh is an in between the toe sandal perfect for those flip flop lovers! They come in all different colors and can be dressed up or causally dressed down. Jeans or skirts are perfect for these shoes. Make a statement with a bright red shoe, or keep it neutral with silver or black. Add a little spice to your shoe life with a pattern on your Birkenstock!


Ashley and the Murray’s Shoes staff

Birkenstock Gizeh
Birkenstock Arizona (with socks!!)
Birkenstock Gizeh
Birkenstock Arizona
Birkenstock Gizeh