At Murray's, we take pride in making our customers and their feet happy.

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Comments from our customers...

“Excellent place to buy shoes especially if you are hard to fit.” – Tim S.

“Murray Shoes is where I go for shoes that support and cushion my feet. It is family owned and operated. They take the time to fit the shoes to your feet. Old school!…” – Jerry B.

“Great shoe store, very knowledgeable to solve foot issues.” – Loren D.

“I had an amazing customer experience at Murray’s Shoes… Murray’s, you are my new ‘gold standard’ for customer service. Thank you!” – Becci M.

“Met Mr. Jim just two weeks ago. He has helped me tremendously! For the first times in years I walked my dog this morning without a knee brace on! My pain went from 8/9 to 1/2! I am so thankful and vow to keep up with my exercises! ” – Luanne B.

“Jim was phenomenal. He spent the time to help me find exactly the item I needed instead of the item I wanted. I’d been having constant foot pain for a while and he took measurements, watched me walk around his store, and custom fit moldable inserts for my shoes along with providing stretches to work on. I was skeptical at first, but now with my inserts in I’m pain free throughout the day. He also recommended I keep coming back to adjust my inserts as needed and I certainly will. 

This is the kind of customer service that I wish existed everywhere: Knowledgeable, helpful, attentive and honest. Not just a place where the customer is always right. I walked in on a whim and left incredibly relieved. I will absolutely be directing my friends, family, and coworkers to this store. Thank you, Jim! ” – Amelia B.

“Great store! Great products! Great customer service. Nothing quite like them.” – Crystal B.

“Immediate attention as we walked in. She asked how she could assist us today. Found what I liked and purchased within 20 minutes. Also assisted my wife.” – Ted D.