Q: Why don’t we sell our shoes online?

A: Most Americans are very comfortable making purchases online. It’s quick, easy, and a good way to avoid long lines at the mall. So in this age of online shopping, we at Murray’s Shoes often get asked why we don’t offer on line shopping to our customers.

Our philosophy here at Murray’s Shoes is to be more than a shoe store. Our unique combination of retail, education, and service allows us to fit you with the proper size and style so that you won’t have to take the chance of a bad decision from buying online. Also, we have trained staff that is recognized as experts in fitting shoes.

When customers come in complaining of foot pain, we ask about their symptoms and daily activities, perform a Pedorthic assessment and can even modify and adjust shoes to fit the customers needs. It is extremely difficult to accurately recommend footwear without assessing first hand, an individual’s gait pattern, range of motion, biomechanical profile and foot type. These things cannot be done via the internet. While unreliable forms of self-assessment have been used elsewhere, we avoid advocating these means.

That level of customer service can’t be replicated online!

Q:Do We Take Insurance?

A: As changes continue to occur with insurance companies we find cost for pedorthic work is usually not covered by health insurance. However, once we discover the type of work that will be needed to address your specific problem, you should call your insurance carrier and see if there would be coverage for you. Our Facility does not take any insurance but will supply you with the necessary insurance form to send in for reimbursement, should your carrier allow out of network.

We made the decision not to have contracts with insurance companies so that we are allowed to do what is necessary to address the cause of the problem. We opted for the best medical care rather than discounted health care. Should you decide to go to your carriers list of providers and you are not satisfied with the outcome, we are here and would be more than willing to help you through this difficult time of treating the cause.

Q: Can I Place a Special Order?

A: Murray’s Shoes has the capability to order most shoes that are available from the companies we carry. In the event that we are out of a size, a style or color we do not stock and it is available from the manufacture, we will be more than willing to special order the shoe for you. We do require a 20% deposit which is fully refundable if the shoe does not fit. We will hold the special order for two weeks and then the deposit will be forfeited unless arrangements has been made to come in at a later date.

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