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Jim Murray – 4th generation Murray’s Shoes Owner

In 1996 Murray’s Shoes added Pedorthics to the company description.  As we address the issue of mobility we look to footwear and orthosis to create a stable environment for the lower extremity. In the less serious abnormalities, a properly shaped, constructed and fitted shoe may be all that is required for stability and relief of the condition. However, as the condition worsens, the addition of foot orthosis and/or shoe modifications may be warranted in order to obtain the stability necessary for maintaining proper mobility. Shoe modifications, for the most part, are external in nature and consist of flares, wedges, and elevation. With the addition of any joint fixation or stiffness we can improve the mobilization with various types of rocker soles. Orthotic devices are used to address the mechanical breakdown inside the shoe which creates abnormal functions that make standing, walking, and running uncomfortable. By remodeling the foot to a more normal mechanical function we can stabilize the forces at which the foot strikes on a walking or running surface. In order to maintain the quality of life through the mobility issue, the use of properly fitted footwear and orthosis are the key elements in obtaining a sufficient standard of living.

Pedorthic assessments are done between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday.  
Please call us at 303-972-8436 for an appointment or if you have any questions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to treat the cause in order to reduce pain, improve function, correct or accommodate deformity through conservative methods, meeting the specific needs of each individual.

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The Murray Family’s commitment to you.

What is Pedorthics?


Pedorthics is the design, manufacture, modification, and fit of footwear, including foot orthoses, to alleviate foot problems caused by disease, overuse, congenital defect, or injury. It is footwear, carefully fitted, to relieve or accommodate temporary or permanent foot problems.

Your Foot

During the course of one’s life, most people will experience some form of foot discomfort. It may be as simple as a callus or corns, or as serious a condition as to require hospitalization. But most foot-related issues are normally caused by simple musculoskeletal misalignment.

As we look at the human foot, we see a marvel of engineering. It is the foundation of everything we do while mobile. It functions as our interface between the ground and the greatest deforming force on the human body, gravity. With each step, it handles huge forces upon 26 tiny bones. The average person takes in excess of 10,000 steps per day and places a force of 3.5 times their body weight upon their feet with each step.

As current statistics tell us, people are living longer, staying in good physical condition, and attempting to lead-out a normal life style into these later years. However, as we age, the musculoskeletal makeup of our bodies seems to lose its abilities to maintain this life style. As this begins to occur, the pedorthic solution is to re-balance the foot and stabilize the limb for improved mobility.

What a Pedorthist Does!

The pedorthist takes his experience and knowledge of lower limb musculoskeletal bio-mechanics and applies it to either the doctor’s diagnosis or to his own assessment of the patient’s symptoms. His goal is to balance both sides of the lower extremities: from foot and ankle through knees to hips. As the pedorthist assesses the biomechanics, he gives the physician or the patient many conservative, or non-surgical, treatment options. These can range from shoes professionally fitted, shoe modifications to assist in the control or realignment of the foot deformity, to over-the-counter or custom-made foot orthoses for improved support.

Education of a Pedorthist

As pedorthists, we perform extensive studies of foot and lower limb anatomy; pathology; biomechanics, which involves human locomotion; gait analysis; footwear fitting; lower extremity orthotic design, fabrication and materials; shoe construction and modification; and patient management. After studying and being mentored, we attend specific pedorthics courses which are prerequisites for the certification examination.

Cost of Pedorthics!

The cost of pedorthic care will depend on the type of treatment and the extent of work done. However costly this may seem, the alternative to pedorthic care can be 100 times more costly, if not debilitating, based on the severity of the problem. Relying on the pedorthist’s ability to provide, fit, and maintain the appropriate footwear and to fabricate and manage the proper foot orthosis design can make a profound difference in the quality of an individual’s daily life.