At Ziera we believe there’s no point in having shoes that look beautiful if they don’t make you feel it too.  So you can fall in love with the style, knowing we’ve put all our love and care into designing and crafting each piece, each layer and each stitch into a beautiful whole.  Comfort is not negotiable.  We achieve it with quality materials and rigorous testing, all aimed at bringing undeniable pleasure to your soles… and to your soul. With a focus on comfort technology, Ziera shoes are designed to deliver a soft journey every step of your day.  Within each style we’ve created a unique cushioning system of gels, rubber and other shock absorbing materials designed to give you that wondrous, walking-on air feeling.


  • Comfort is crafted into every pair — with premium leather, layers of cushioning and good toe room allowing feet to lie naturally.
  • Full strobel construction, where a flexible canvas is stitched to the upper (compared to a standard construction where a firmer board is cemented to the upper). This construction is common in sports shoes and provides forefoot flexibility to aid your walking motion. It also results in lighter weight footwear.
  • In this construction, the upper is buried into the sole giving especially good support at the back.
  • Cushioning gel in the footbed is another feature giving sport shoe comfort and technology in a great everyday shoe.
  • A full removable inlay makes them orthotic friendly.
  • Architectural casual sole, made of polyurethane with tiny bubbles of air for maximum comfort.

Colors Available:

  • Black Leather
  • Espresso Leather
  • Navy Leather

Sizes Available:

  • W (Medium) 35-44 (US 4-13)
  • Not all sizes or widths avail at store.
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